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  • Medical Cables

    Medical Cable Manufacturing Services

    Reliable Electromechanical Cables for Medical Equipment

    Custom Wire Industries is a leading manufacturer of a variety of cables and wire products, including lead wires and harnesses. We also produce diagnostic medical equipment composite cables. Our professionals have the experience to ensure that these cables are reliable and durable.

    Medical cables are more heavily regulated than non-medical cables and must meet more demanding requirements and standards. All our medical cables undergo thorough electrical and mechanical testing at each step in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing consistent performance. With decades of medical cable design expertise, our experienced engineers provide standard as well as custom medical cables to meet your unique specifications.



    Our medical cables and assemblies are ideal for a variety of medical applications and devices:

    Medical Devices

    Types / Applications

    Diagnostic Equipment Ultrasound Machines, Scanners, X-Ray Machines, MRI MachinesCT Scanners
    Electrosurgical Instruments Laparoscopes, EndoscopesMedical Lasers
    Implants LVADSPacemakers
    EEG / EKG Electrodes Disposable ElectrodesReusable EEG Electrodes
    Oximetry Machines Finger Pulse Oximeters, Handheld Pulse OximetersPediatric Pulse Oximeters
    Medical Robots Surgical, RehabilitationTelepresence
    Defibrillators External defibrillator, Internal defibrillator, AED, Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator, Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator, Paddle ElectrodesSelf-adhesive Electrodes
    Fetal Monitoring Cables Fetal TransducersNeonatal Monitoring Cables
    ICU / CCU Monitors Neonatal ICU Monitors, Pediatric ICU Monitors, Psychiatric ICU Monitors, Trauma ICU Monitors 
    Motorized Hospital Beds Semi-ElectricFull Electric

    All our electromechanical cables for medical, military, industrial and other industries are manufactured for the highest quality, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround. In addition to medical cables, Custom Wire Industries assembles the following:

    Custom Cable Manufacturing

    We provide a variety of manufacturing services to fit your needs. These services aren't limited to medical cables; they include the assembly of cables, wires and control panels. In addition, Custom Wire Industries provides custom tooling options.

    Request a quote for your specific medical cables today. Our estimates reflect the cost-effective solutions we try to implement for every client.

    Contact our medical cable manufacturing experts for economical cable assembly services today.
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